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With over 25 years of marketing and communications in the broadcast, music, hospitality and non-profit industries, Suzy Le Clair has built brands and audiences since before she would like to mention. Let’s just say shoulder pads were in fashion.


From leading high-profile marketing departments, taking a public speaker from a petrified deer in headlights to stardom center stage, and unveiling potential where others dare not go, Le Clair is a bold leader who brings focus and a little adventure to each project.  


It’s her wickedly effective duo of building brands and telling stories that differentiates Le Clair.



Whether it’s your personal brand, a product or company, great brands stand for something.  They come in all shapes and sizes, with different personalities and perspectives. Brands have a voice. They have influence.  They set the stage to make your impact. Wherever that is… a job interview, a new business, product launch…your brand matters!


So, let’s delve right in and define your brand, or what you want it to be.  What does it look like, feel like, sound like, stand for?  Let’s set the strategy, create the vibe, develop the plan, and give it wings to fly.

Brand Identity Assessment
Brand Strategy
Personal Branding
Marketing & Communications
Logo & Brand Design
Messaging & Content Development

Telling a good story is the best.  There is nothing like it.  With a good story, a person or company finds its confidence to soar.  So that story needs to be authentic, be real and be you.  It will take twists and turns along the way. But in the end, no matter the setting, a good story wins every time.


So, let’s get your story straight.  Together we will develop it, work it and tell it over and over again.   You will be star ready for that college essay,  job interview or next public speaking engagement. It’s not story time…. It’s show time!

Story Assessment
Bio Development
Speech Development
Creative Writing
Public Speaking Coaching
Resume Writing & Design
Job Interview & Presence Prep


“Le Clair identifies a big picture vision and seamlessly connects the dots to bring together a powerful, meaningful and actionable message.”
Liz Hafer  |  President  |  Corporate Teams

“Suzy is the ultimate “Team” leader. Her instincts and enthusiasm make everyone around her better at what they do.”
Duff Rice  |  Duff Entertainment

“Suzy brings enthusiasm, versatility, clear communication, wit and strategic focus to any team she joins.”

Tricia Hyland  |  Senior Development Specialist  |  CMAP

“Suzy is a brand within herself! Having a seasoned insight and keen eye for detail, matched with a witty energetic personality make her a rare gem. She’s approachable, a born leader, a fabulous mentor and always knows how to bring the right things (and people) to the table.”
Suzi Carpenter  |  Carpenter Event Management

“Suzy brings a unique level of experience, insight and creativity to every project she engages with. And you’ll have a BLAST working with her!”
Michael Coakes  |  Coakes Photography

“Suzy’s instincts are spot on. She has an uncanny talent for seeing possibilities that others miss. She never loses sight of the big picture while ensuring all the short-term actions are delivered.”
Elizabeth Ruske  |  Founder - CEO  |  Tiara

“Suz - you’re a good worker.”
Noreen Le Clair  |  Suzy’s Mom


Thanks for reaching out!

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